drag me to the hell(~)

ihhhhhhh serem deh pasti lu mikirnya tittle nya, yakan??????
hahaha gue jg waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
itu film deng tapi wkwkwk

iya tadi kan eh hari ini deng maksutnya heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
hari ini swimming2 gt ambil nilai ke Cilandak Sport Center kan,

jadi gini

tadinya gue sm yg lain(Argya Fanny Dian Dhea Raya Ayu) mau ke Citosnya bareng gt kan sm Pak Imam segala eh plan nya berobah gt jadi gue sm Fanny aja brkt nya yg lain langsunggggggggggg
tp ngaret jg sih wekakakak gue deng yg ngaret hahaha

terus nyampe

tes langsung gt kan gak lama ujan men-_-------------------

yaudah gue langsung bilas trs ganti baju(penting banget disebutin????????-_-)
terus chaw ke citos udah jammmmmm? 4 an gitu

yaudah kita makan kan eh ketemu Vinnydkk deh hahaha di burgerkig

eh terus pisah deh Dian Bateng Vanya bye-------------------------------

nah tinggal gw Argya Fanny Dhea Ayu
yaudah kita mau nonton kan itu nah udah gitu tuh yaaaaaaaaa kita bingung mau nonton apa, mau Angel and Demonds eh udah enggak ada -_- tae bener deh
terus yaudah ada Drag Me to the Hell

kita bingung itu genre apaan yaudah buka di website eh taunya rada horror gitu

eh gak deng

ini tuh minggu lalu gue sm yg lain udah liat trailernya pas mau nonton Terminator ituuuuu wih hahaha ngagetin apalagi yg pas ada nenek2 itu si Boris kejer wakakakakak ngakak gua sm Argya

you seeeeeeeeeeee?

below guys
eh wait! buseng deh gue nyari2 daritadi gak ada men ah nanti lg ah ngantuk men baru pulang jam 10 td uwuhu bobo dulu yaaaaaaaaaaaa bsk lanjut ;p

lanjut bos

nih nih hereeeeeeeeeeee
The idea of the comeback is always great in theory, but rarely does it ever deliver on what it promises. George Romero, dubbed the “King of the Zombies,” delivered the lackluster Land of the Dead and the hugely disappointing Diary of the Dead – which was supposed to be his true triumphant return, considering the low-budget nature of the project – after leaving fans waiting 20 years for another zombie film. John Carpenter, who consistently made great films from the late 70s to the early 90s, has only managed to crank out one kinda fun film since In the Mouth of Madness, his love letter to H.P. Lovecraft. Dario Argento, the Italian maestro who’s influenced countless directors worldwide, finally completed his Three Mothers trilogy in 2007 and while it was the bloodiest film of his career, it was definitely one of his dumbest. In other words, as horror fans, we’re constantly let down by once great directors who have just flat-out lost their golden touch. Now, Sam Raimi hasn’t exactly fallen from grace as much as he’s been making our spider senses tingle rather than our spines. He’s been wetting his beak in other genres, from crime capers to sports dramas, but aside from The Gift, a southern gothic tale that is more of a supernatural mystery than anything really, he hasn’t made any thing that could be considered a horror film since Evil Dead 2. But, watching everything he’s made in-between, you can see his proclivity towards horror. Doc Ock’s surgery room scene in Spider-Man 2 should instantly remind everyone of the Evil Dead series: the action is fast, the cameras are invasive and the atmosphere is ominous. After Spider-Man 3, I think everyone was pleasantly surprised that he wanted to return to the genre that permanently engraved him into the hearts and minds of film geeks everywhere. Drag Me To Hell is THE horror comeback of the decade. For a director who’s been out of the horror business for so long, it’s incredible to see him jump right back into the game with that much gusto and knock it out of the ballpark. It’s almost like he never left. Alison Lohman plays Christine, a loan officer on the verge of a promotion. In order to prove to her boss that she can make “the tough decisions” and deserves the assistant manager position, she decides to deny the extension on Mrs. Ganush’s (Lorna Raver) home. Feeling like she was shamed for groveling and still not getting anywhere, Mrs. Ganush exacts revenge on Christine and curses her with the mother of all curses, which causes a goat-like demon called the Lamia to follow her around for 3 days before dragging her to hell. The plot doesn’t attempt to be complex or metaphorical; it’s essentially Thinner meets Poltergeist and at a brisk 96 minutes, it has about 15 minutes of setup, 81 minutes of non-stop horror-comedy insanity, and absolutely no filler whatsoever. Right from the beginning, you know Drag Me To Hell is a Raimi film. The opening sequence has a small boy being taken to Shaun San Dena (Adriana Barraza), a powerful medium who attempts to de-curse him. Then, BAM, people are being tossed around like ragdolls by an unseen force and Peter Deming’s cinematography goes to work, full force. Deming hasn’t worked with Raimi since Evil Dead 2 and considering that the nature of many of the scenes in Drag closely mirror those from the classic ’87 film, this was the perfect project for them to collaborate on again. The scene where Christine is attacked by Mrs. Ganush in her car is a great example of how well Raimi can utilize horror and comedy in the same scene. Staplers are slammed into foreheads, rulers are crammed down throats, faces are gummed – as opposed to bitten – and the use of shadows manages to cloak a hideous face just long enough to elicit a jump, maybe even a scream, from those watching. These are ideas that seem ordinary on paper but when you have someone who knows what they’re doing in the director’s chair, even the simplest things turn into something special with the right visual interpretation. This scene is the equivalent of Ash warding off his possessed decapitated hand in Evil Dead 2 – which, in turn, means that it’s influenced by Crimewave since that’s where Raimi hit his stride with slapstick humor – or fighting himself and skeleton hands in Army Of Darkness. Drag even goes full-on Looney Tunes in one scene involving an anvil. The pure horror moments are also exceptionally executed. The séance scene, in particular, is pure Evil Dead, with the Lamia possessing different bodies and turning them into cackling deadites. There’s a lot of really cool influences on display in Drag, the most interesting being a scene where Christine does a little bit of digging in a cemetery. Upon opening up a coffin, heavy rain begins to fill the grave while she tries to crawl her way out of it and push off the floating dead body. It’s a well-executed modernization of the scene in Poltergeist where JoBeth Williams is stuck in her emptied, muddied pool. The film prominently displays its Asian influence by having this powerful malevolent force that keeps on coming no matter what measures are taken against it, which makes sense considering the work Raimi has done with the Pang Brothers and The Grudge series through his Ghosthouse banner. The film culminates in a Twilight Zone inspired third act that is one of the ballsiest things I’ve seen a major studio allow to be in a horror production in quite a while. Boasting great performances, a well-used mixture of practical and CGI effects and a fun, but familiar, story, Drag Me To Hell is a film that’ll have you jumping out of your seat and laughing simultaneously. I think it’s going to change a lot of people’s minds about the worth of a PG-13 horror film (an argument I never really understood to begin with, since it’s the quality and not the rating that makes something a worthwhile watch), based on its ability to use goo instead of blood effectively and create an atmosphere that makes what’s on-screen feel much worse than it actually is – the mark of an excellent filmmaker. But, above all else, Drag Me To Hell is going to stop people from whining about a new Evil Dead whenever Raimi announces his next horror film.

ohmen keren banget itu film bikin orang kaya Boris aja kejang wakakakakak ngakak gua, popcornnya Fanny sampe tumpah semua wakakakak gara2 kaget gitu pas yg musiknya kejang busengt daaaaaaaaaan kata Argya ini film bikin lu teriak yg bener2 teriak kaya naik Tornado -_------ lebay bener lu bob hahahah gadeng tapi benerrrrrrrrrrrrr men whoa!!!!!!

udah kan tuh selesai setengah 8 an gt
terus kita kedinginan -_- aduh iya kata si bob lagian pas lg dikaget2 in di filmnya itu tuh ac nya kenceng aduh bob marley why deh lu hahahaha

yaudah chaw ke Brew&Co

terus beli yg anget2 wakakakak apaan dah itu
hotchocolate sih yeeeeeeeeeee mikirnya wah hahaha
terus kan foto2
nah kan liat foto2 yg pas minggu lalu kan yg fx
eh terus kocak dah ngakak ngeliat foto yg ini niiiiiiiiiih nih nih HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

you see?
yang baju biru itu Argya(Bobbbbbb)
ngakak itu sumpah gua sama yg lain ngeliat fotonya wakakakak
gue yg sebelah kiri sampe cengo gt liatnya woalahahaha

jadi ceritanya minggu kmrn di ColdStone tuh
terus si Argya lagi nyontohin muka cengo gt
eh si Fanny lagi megang kamera gue
eh kepencet tombol yg buat ckrek nya

nah terus kan kemaren di Brew&Co
ngeliat tuh foto2 ngakak terus kan
eh kejadian lg
si dhea lg megang kamera gw kan nah terus si Bob tuh masih ngakak ngetawain foto diri sendiri -_----------------- aduh aneh bener ini bocah ahahaha
eh gak sengaja kefoto nih wakakakakkaka cie bobbyyyyy

oh iya ini lg
tadi kan gue online MSN tuh stand by gue gak ada yg greet -_- buset deh hopeless wakakakak
terus tiba2 si bob nge greet wesyeh
(Argya=A, gue=G)

A: eh rancccccc
G: what??????
A: eh masukin foto yg di fx minggu kemaren dong gue nya bagus2 ehehe (pede beut wakak)
G: ha? kan aib2 semua isinya gy
A: gak papa yg penting guenya bagus haha
G: oh oke ini gue jg lagi upload men
A: oh okeoke, eh tapi jangan masukin foto gue yg kayak 'kudanil' ya(HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA)
G: insyaAllah

ngakak gua kaya kudanil -_- wakakakakakkaka nganga mulu sih lu akakakakaka

ah aduh hari ini gue bosen
tadi gue bangun jam??????????????????????

terus kan gak ada orang drmh
yaudah gue bikin chickenwing frenchfries sm chicken nugget
ha males ol masih ngantuk jg lagian
eh tp tadi ol msn bentar deng
terus tidur lagi wakakakak kebo

eh gile
gak kerasa bentar lagi kelas 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 minggu lg ulum, ohmygotschhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
cie makan buku banyak banget gue bakalan haaaa
minggu depan udah harus prepare oh my
dan minggu depan gak bakal ada yg namanya jalan weeeeeeeeeeeh
eh gatau jg deng kl ngabur mah bisa hehehehe

eh gue bosen men ah
ngapain dongk?
elah disuruh belajar buat bsk nih apaan sih tuh ah tes agama -_-
les aneh bener ya pake ada ulangan hhhhhhhhhhhh
males god
bentar lagi ah jarum panjang di angka 6 yaaaaaa

cie gue nonton sinetron wakakakakak
apaan deh ya
eh gile tabus gue udah mau kelar dong
tinggal bisban sama di sommmmmmmmmmmmmm dong
ah di som mah tinggal nyuruh mbak gue hahaha
oh yes dong mamen

eh kl gue nanti jarang post maaf ya
mau prepare ulum niccccccccccccccc


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